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The Meet Cute

Alissa and Mel met at Blackhat Briefings in 2019 and got married just 6 months later. Combined, both Alissa and Mel have over 4 decades of experience in cybersecurity, each from their own unique vantage points of operating red and blue teams. Alissa Knight was arrested at 17 for hacking a U.S. government network and later went on to work for the U.S. intelligence community in cyber warfare; is a published author; and serial entrepreneur having started and sold 3 companies in cybersecurity. Melissa is a career Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who built the first Security Operations Center on the Las Vegas strip and oversaw the Managed Security Services division for several large Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Combining their former lives as red and blue team members, they provide a unique perspective to every cybersecurity short film made.

And the Rest is History

In December of 2021, Knight Studios produced its first episodic short film, Ransom, which was co-produced and distributed by NetAbstraction. Ransom was such a successful marketing campaign, NetAbstraction signed on for five more episodes. Knight Studios then began ramping up production to produce one film per month, which gave way to three new films, Underdog Games (Knight Studios), Catastrophe, Inc. (BlastWave), HEAT (Menlo Security), and Scorched Earth (Noname Security).

Today, Knight Studios serves practically every cybersecurity product space from deception technology, XDR, breach simulation, API security,  antimalware, to software defined perimeter solutions. With our unique experience as both adversary and defender, we’re able to tell captivating stories that create lasting connections between our clients and their customers that no other company can produce. Simply put, we’re disrupting cybersecurity marketing by telling your story in a way that makes your buyers feel something at a visceral level that only a film can.

"Edge of seat cyber-thrillers leave audience wanting more."

"Alissa Knight is nailing it with every new franchise Knight Studios produces with edge of seat, binge-watchable episodic films that leaves the audience wanting more."

Gary Hayslip
CISO, SoftBank Investment Advisers and SoftBank Group

"Alissa has done it again in disrupting traditional cybersecurity content marketing"

“Knight Studios captivates the audience in every new thought-provoking, binge-worthy series it produces. Alissa Knight nails technical accuracy that only Sam Esmail was able to do in Mr. Robot.”

Rinki Sethi
Former CISO @ Twitter, CISO Bill.com

"Visually Stunning"

“Alissa Knight first disrupted traditional content marketing norms in cybersecurity with her genre of adversarial content white papers that artfully depicted WHY we need to buy these products through the lens of the computer-hacking antihero. Now, she's done it again with cinematic short films that tells the story of the cybersecurity products the producers are marketing in a carefully crafted story arch that leaves the audience spellbound."

Claire Trimble
CMO, SynAck



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