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A letter from alissa knight

Knight Ink coined the concept of adversarial content™ in 2019 – content told through the lens of the adversary. The written storytelling we produce at Knight Ink through white papers tell stories through the lens of the adversary when most of the market is talking about their features through the lens of the defender.

We’ve now brought the success our clients enjoyed through our white papers to film. The unique and disruptive nature of our storytelling will percolate your brand to the top of all the noise in the market, placing your brand into blue ocean where you don’t have to compete based on product features alone. Instead, you’ll be demonstrating why organizations need your product through bingeable, episodic story arcs, not what it does or how it works.

We design and craft stories through discovery to post-production to ensure every creative element is purposeful, meaningful, and powerful. We will capture the market’s attention, engagement, and imagination for your brand through measurable storytelling.

Our team has produced and directed everything from feature films, to music videos for Grammy® award winners like Michael Bublé, to TV shows on NetFlix®, and short films for market leaders and challenger brands in cybersecurity. Since 2019, Knight Ink and now Knight Studios has set the standard for visual storytelling in cybersecurity, creating some of the most successful, award-winning content marketing campaigns for our portfolio companies. Today, Knight Studios continues to break new ground in cybersecurity content marketing through experiential entertainment and storytelling that we look forward to bringing to you.


Alissa Knight // Director

“Knight Studios is bringing industrial light and magic to challenger brands and market leaders in cybersecurity.”

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