Our Process

Documentaries and short films are becoming well-traveled roads for cybersecurity brands hoping to lure viewers in with compelling content – a new form of experiential marketing that Knight Studios is creating. Thanks to the online video explosion, brands have a platform to experiment with longer formats instead of the traditional 30-second commercial in a movement towards 10-15 minute short films.

Consumers want film content from the brands they follow – HubSpot found that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by film.

Cybersecurity brands are willing to spend the resources-sometimes significant-to create these pieces given the popularity of online video. Video comprises one-third of all online activity, according to HubSpot, and it’s a powerful medium. Knight Studios pulls your potential customers in with story-centric video content showcasing your product as part of the story arc, showing the brand in a new light and retaining viewers longer while also guiding them through the buyer’s journey and filling top of funnel leads using these ”bingeable” episodes. Research from Insivia shows that mobile film consumption rises by 100% every year, while Cisco predicts that online films will make up 82% of all buyers’ internet traffic by 2022.


Development and Pre-production

In this stage we’ll ideate with you on the story we want to tell and how your company and product fit. Once this is established, a script will be written, which will form the basis of the final storyboards or shot lists.

Knight Studios will collaborate closely with you to produce a screenplay that effectively writes your company and product into the story arc of the film. We follow the 15 beat structure of a screenplay that has been followed for decades in Hollywood screenwriting.

These are: (1) The opening image; (2) The theme stated; (3) The set-up; (4) The Catalyst; (5) The Debate; (6) The Break into Two; (7) The B Story; (8) Fun and Games; (9) The Midpoint; (10) Bad Guys Close In; (11) All is Lost; (12) Dark Night of the Soul; (13) Break into Three; (14) Finale; and (15) The Final Image.

Finally, we’ll perform location scouting and book all shoot locations well ahead of the scheduled shoot dates.

In this stage, we perform:

  • Concept Development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Budgeting
  • Project Management
  • Casting
  • Crewing
  • Location Scouting
  • Set and Costume Design
  • Permitting

The ProductIon And the Search for talent

Our team will ensure all necessary production equipment is sited  for producing the film. Then, a casting call will be published on Hollywood casting sites, such as Backstage. After we’ve shortlisted 3 actors for each role, we’ll request an audition video from each actor for final selection.


Filming Starts and the reels get rolled

In this stage, we’ll film the entire production, ensuring that everything in the shot list is filmed. Dailies will be performed where the Director and DP will ensure that the shots filmed that day are acceptable. Finally, logging will be performed prior to the film going into post-production editing.

In production, we provide:

  • Live Action Film & Video
  • Product Photography
  • In-house Studio
  • Makeup and Green Room Facilities
  • Lighting & Audio Packages
  • Camera & Equipment Packages
  • Broadcast & Live Streaming Capable
  • Local Production Support

Post-Production and Distribution

In the fiinal stage, editing is performed of the footage. This is where it’s often said the actual film is made. We’ll find the best shots for each camera angle and align them up with all production sound mixed audio as well as perform audio mastering. 

Next, we’ll perform color correction and color grading along with any rotoscoping and keying. 

A music bed will be created giving the film its soul. Next, we’ll add any needed foley (background sound) to the film. Finally, we’ll have our VFX designer add in the finishing touches. 

Here, we provide:

  • Dedicated Post Department\
  • 10 Edit Bays & 2 Edit Suites
  • Sound Design
  • Graphics and Animation Packages
  • SAN System
  • Cloud Based Proofing
  • LTO Archiving

Photo Courtesy of Black Magic Design