"All Empires Die From Within."

Chronicles the life of Widow, a female kingpin in the global underground of Ransomware-as-a-Service crime syndicates. It follows her group's rise to power to establish itself as the new polar power in the global Ransomware economy.



Alissa Knight

Writer, Director

Melissa Knight

Executive Producer

Matthew Zicopula

1st Assistant Director

Bobby Duque

DIT, Editor

Trevor Carr

Director of Photography

Marcus Peña

Production Sound Mixer

Jack Lozeron

Production Sound Designer, Boom Op



"Edge of seat cyber-thrillers leave audience wanting more."

"Alissa Knight is nailing it with every new franchise Knight Studios produces with edge of seat, binge-watchable episodic films that leaves the audience wanting more."

Gary Hayslip
CISO, SoftBank Investment Advisers and SoftBank Group

"Alissa has done it again in disrupting traditional cybersecurity content marketing"

“Knight Studios captivates the audience in every new thought-provoking, binge-worthy series it produces. Alissa Knight nails technical accuracy that only Sam Esmail was able to do in Mr. Robot.”

Rinki Sethi
Former CISO @ Twitter, CISO

"Visually Stunning"

“Alissa Knight first disrupted traditional content marketing norms in cybersecurity with her genre of adversarial content white papers that artfully depicted WHY we need to buy these products through the lens of the computer-hacking antihero. Now, she's done it again with cinematic short films that tells the story of the cybersecurity products the producers are marketing in a carefully crafted story arch that leaves the audience spellbound."

Claire Trimble
CMO, SynAck

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